What To Expect

Welcome to Harvest Church

We are excited to welcome you to Harvest! Whether you’re a young or senior adult, single, or married with kids, you’ll feel encouraged by the authentic community we have at Harvest. You can visit as many times as you want without any obligations or pressure. And who knows—you just might decide to make Harvest your new church home! As you plan your visit, here are some things to know:

At Harvest, you’ll see everything from suits to T-shirts and shorts. The only thing we discourage would be clothing with vulgarity, offensive graphics, or clothing that would be considered by most to be immodest. But in general, wear what makes you feel comfortable, you’re among family here.

Service Information

Location & Time

We have two Sunday services starting at 9am and 11am. Our church is nestled in the heart of downtown Meridian located at 831 N Main St, Meridian, ID 8642. If you are a visitor, looked for the Reserved signs in the parking lot to the south of the main building. We have spots marked and waiting for you, our Parking Team will be happy to help you! For returning members, there’s parking available in lots, alleys, and streets around the campus. But the best option is our satellite lots where our Harvest Transit shuttles pick you up at your car and drop you off at the church doors. For a map, shuttle times, and locations, click here.

Children's Ministry

We offer Children’s Ministry every Sunday during both services, infants – 5th grade. Our kid’s classes are Bible-centered, with trained & approved teachers to create a fun, engaging, and dynamic environment. We never exceed the state ratio of kid-to-teacher. Your kid will both have a great time and learn about God.



If you are considering making Harvest your home, and would like more information about the church or are interested in getting involved, Belong is for you. The Belong Team is happy to connect with you, answer your questions, explain the process and supply clear next steps for anyone who is interested. Belong is available during the second service after the worship, around 11:25. No sign up required. Click here to learn more about Belong.

C101 & C201

If you’re looking to grow as a Christian, this class is for you. Bible-based lessons and practical homework are intentionally designed to equip anyone who is new to Christianity, new to Harvest Church, or wanting to lead others. C101 and C201 are your next steps to abundant Christian life and leadership. Join the classes at any time by showing up or emailing us at info@boiseharvest.org.

Coffee Shop

We have a full service Coffee Shop, complete with espresso, tea, baked goods and more! If it’s your first time at Harvest, we’d love to give you a free drink of your choice as well as welcome gift. The Coffee Shop is open before and after each service.


Main Service

Worship: We start with 20-25 minutes of vibrant, congregational worship led by our Harvest Worship Team. Our church culture believes in worshipping the way the Bible describes in the book of Psalms. This means there will be clapping, singing, raising hands, and even some dancing and shouting. If that makes you uncomfortable, don’t worry, we’ve all been there before. But we are confident that as you open your heart to God and respond to Him, pretty soon you’ll be as excited as we are to give Him the praise He deserves in the ways He loves to receive it.

Preaching: Our Lead Pastor, Pastor Mark Bryan preaches a relevant and encouraging, Bible-based message each service. Occasionally a guest minister or other staff pastor will share an uplifting sermon.

Every service ends with an opportunity to receive prayer from one of our trained volunteers on the altar team. Guests and members alike are encouraged to come down to the altars for prayer after services. We also take time each month in our main services to take communion, dedicate babies and welcome new members.


Join us in prayer on Saturday evenings at 6pm. This time typically includes heartfelt worship, exhortation from the Word, prayer, intercession and more. It’s a fluid service that changes weekly. Come experience the powerful presence of God with us!

What is Harvest Doing in Response to Covid-19?

Our health and safety are a top priority. Our campus teams are taking extra time to thoroughly clean and disinfect spaces before, during, and after services. In addition, you’ll find hand sanitizer stations at all entries and exits. We also encourage everyone to keep in mind the health, safety, and comfort level of others.”

Reach Us

Harvest Church Services:
831 N Main St
Meridian, ID 83642

Harvest Church Office:
18 E Idaho Ave
Meridian, ID 83642

Office Hours: Tue-Fri, 9am-3pm

Phone: (208) 345-0981

Email: info@boiseharvest.org

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Shuttle Times & Parking

Shuttle times:

Call 208.345.0981

Harvest Church Services:
Sundays at 9am & 11am
831 N Main St
Meridian, ID 83642