The Mentoring Program

When it was decided to put Harvest Interns on hold for a season, Peter and Kari Carrera and the Young Adults leadership team had a burden to pick up the baton. We prayed and brainstormed over the summer, and came up with a simple, yet effective plan. We call it “The Mentoring Program”. We presented it to Pastor Mark and other intern staff, and the idea caught fire!

We presented the idea to the young adults at the On Mission Retreat in August and 7 young people signed up! Excitement and energy has mounted as we’ve had interviews, paired with preferred mentors, and laid out the opportunities ahead. September 20 was the orientation; we are officially launched!

So what is it?

First, this is not an internship, it is a mentoring program (though we call them “interns” because it sounds better than “mentees”). The main difference is the vast majority of the growth track will be tailored specifically to the individual. A personal mentor will work one on one with them and take into account their schedule, their budget, their knowledge, any other ministries they are involved in, their strengths and weaknesses and their goals. There are so many vital areas that need cultivated in an intern, but we chose a few elements we felt were most vital, and we have seen the most fruit from.

The five elements are:

  1. One-on-One Mentoring. Each student was paired with a mentor they either requested or already had a discipleship relationship with. The Mentor will be responsible for creating the personalized growth plan. This person will oversee both personal and spiritual development of the intern. Again, they will layout a devotional plan, scripture memory, and help them develop a disciplined schedule and budget. This is the single most important element of this program. Imagine what they would be capable of if they were personally motored to be DAILY studying and memorizing the Word, committed to a full hour of DAILY prayer, and were effective at managing their time and money! Heaven would stand up and take notice!
  2. Shepherding. This aspect is overseen by the Connect Group Leader. Their job is to teach people/pastoral skills. Each intern will shadow and serve their small group leader once a week. They will learn the ins/outs of leading an effective small group as well as how to share the gospel, follow up, do house or hospital visits, and how to “net” new people –not alone, but as a team. Learning the element of TEAM is crucial to be effective in the Body of Christ. We decided to not have an interns small group so they can still bring unsaved friends to something, don’t become a clique, and so it is not difficult to re-enter normal life relationships when the program is over.
  3. Training. Because this program is targeting individuals who work 40 hours a week, we will only have one night of training each week (besides the devotional curriculum that the mentor assigns). They will take a Sunday night class: Authentic Manhood for the guys, and Women of Influence for the girls. These classes will last through the first semester, and then during the second semester they will study On the Red Box. This will teach them how to fearlessly and authentically present the Gospel! We are not going to ever put a dent in how much content they could get if they were in an “Internship Program” learning the Word of God all day/everyday. But our goal here is to give them enough to hunger and thirst for truth and how to find it themselves. This program is created to give them tools; not to make them experts. With eight months of mentoring, they will have a great head start in whatever God calls them to next!
  4. Missions.  Interns will go on a spring missions trip together! The only reason they have monthly payments is to pay for their trip. It is $200 a month; and the mentor, and ultimately Peter will be helping them make a plan for payments. This will a be a critical element in bonding them to each other, getting a heart for the world, as well as getting addicted to the thrill of being used by God! Their Redbox training will help prepare them for preaching on the streets in Latin America!
  5. Community. Relationships are a key ingredient on any team. We will spend 30 minutes every Sunday before classes, just bonding! We will laugh, have coffee, do team-building exercises, talk about what God is doing, and just be interns together. We will probably do some missions prep in there too! Other random times might be scheduled (in advance) to have a few fun outings together and keep the group dynamic.

The program is September 20- June 1. (December 19-January 3 is Christmas Break).

For more information contact: Peter and Kari Carrera

208-345-0981 |