Fall is here and with it comes the opportunity to experience the Encounter! On October 22-24 the Gospel will be laid out in a powerful and dynamic way, taking you from the beginning of time, through the work of the cross, up to your present circumstances, pushing you through to victories and freedom that are yours to claim! If you are new to Harvest, or are ready for a fresh dose of the life-changing power of the Gospel, then don’t miss the Encounter experience.

The Encounter begins with dinner on Thursday night, September 22, and ends with a bang on Saturday afternoon, September 24. The icing on the cake is the celebration on Sunday morning, the 25th, where we will hear first hand the inspiring, real-life stories of the miraculous work of grace in the life of those who attended the Encounter during our 10:30am corporate service.

NOTE: Although this is an in-town retreat, it is in every other way, and all-consuming retreat. It’s important for attendees to block out those days from work, school or other distractions, and prioritize getting all they can out of the Encounter.

Don’t miss this incredible weekend experience! Register through your connect group, or at the info center in the lobby.