The Dream Team

All of our wonderful volunteers are called the Dream Team. Matthew 20:28 says that Jesus “did not come to be served, but to serve”. As Christ followers, we give our lives to following that example. We are blessed to have a church family that loves to serve and help however we can. It’s not just about what we can get out of the church experience, but we are happy to see how we can contribute to and support what God is doing through the various ministries of the church. When we do, we reap the joys and rewards that follow!

There are dozens of teams that serve in a variety of ways, utilizing a wide array of skill sets and expertise. All of the people serving on all of the teams are considered the Dream Team. We cannot imagine building the kingdom of God without this amazing group of people who are faithful to show up and serve. We believe that the dreams of God will not be fulfilled without willing volunteers who gladly show up and lend a hand.

Dream Team Services

First Impressions

  • Shuttles: This team shuttles churchgoers from our satellite lots to our church doors and back before and after each service. We are so grateful for this team that makes it possible for hundreds of people to attend our church by unlocking dozens of off-campus parking spaces.
  • Parking: This team manages our limited on-campus lots and makes it possible for guests, seniors, and others who need preferred parking to find a place close to one of our entrances. This team also helps people to and from their cars in simple and practical ways, like offering to carry a diaper bag or car seat or hold an umbrella in the rain over visitors as they come and go. We love this team and are so blessed by their service.
  • Welcome: This team greets guests at the doors when they arrive and are a final touchpoint as people leave. If you haven’t already been encouraged by their smiling faces and warm greetings, we promise, you will be. This team has become a defining characteristic of the Harvest Church experience.
  • Welcome Center: This team has all the information you need about what’s happening, when, and where. Stationed in the center of the lobby, you can’t miss it. We’d all be lost and confused if this team wasn’t there to help us find accurate information for all things Harvest.
  • Coffee Shop: We are certain smiling is easier when you are sipping the perfect, custom-ordered, handcrafted beverage. This team provides top-of-the-line coffee shop offerings every Sunday morning. And it’s more than just coffee; they’ve got blended and iced drinks, smoothies and juices, pastries, and breakfast burritos, to name a few.
  • Hosts: This team welcomes you into the auditorium before each service. They help folks find a place to sit, answer any questions, and are available to assist in any way throughout the service. We love our Hosts and couldn’t imagine a church service without them!

Children’s Ministry

  • Harvest Littles: This ministry serves the youngest and does so with great care. Our nursery and preschool teams are staffed with safe and kind volunteers who’ve been screened, trained and approved to give your littlest family members a good church experience.
  • Harvest Kids: This team serves elementary aged kids with fun and engaging, Bible-based curriculum. As with Harvest Littles, the teams that staff our Harvest Kids ministries are all screened, trained and approved, ensuring a safe and happy experience for your 1st-5th graders.
  • Harvest Schools: We have teams that serve our day care, preschool and k-12 throughout the week with various volunteer opportunities.


  • Production: This team is a family-favorite. Where would we be without microphones or screens with lyrics and scriptures on them? We’ve all been blessed by the teams who run our cameras, turn on our lights, display our scriptures, and make the guitar louder and the vocals balanced. Our audio team and our visuals team are both responsible for giving us an engaging and inspiring Sunday morning church service. We’ve all been blessed by the Production Team in one way or another.
  • Musicians: This team celebrates the opportunity to worship in a biblical way by responding to God’s command to praise Him with the instrument. While our team is currently limited to a handful of guitars, keys and drums, we believe many more instruments can be used to honor the Lord, and would love to see the variety and skill continue to broaden as we devote our lives to bringing Christ the praise He is so worthy of.
  • Vocalists: Singing to the Lord is one of the longest-standing and most universally recognized forms of worship. We don’t believe church should be a concert; it’s not a show for visitors to enjoy. We believe in congregational worship, where we all participate with our own personal response. But few of us would know what to do if it wasn’t for our vocal teams that lead us in praise.

There are many more teams currently serving here at Harvest, but you get the idea. We love to serve, and we’ve all been blessed by various ministries who are upheld by people like you, people willing to say, “how can I help?”. While all teams have their own onboarding process with everything from background checks to tryouts, they all provide in-department training and they all start with one simple thing: BELONG.

Joining the Dream Team is simple. Just complete the Belong Journey, offered every Sunday morning at 11:25. Belong culminates with an easy placement process that will help you plug in and be a part. For more information on Belong, click here.

Shuttle Times & Parking

Shuttle times:

Call 208.345.0981

Harvest Church Services:
Sundays at 9am & 11am
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