Pastors Mark & DD Bryan

Pastors Mark and DD

In 1975, Mark Bryan moved from Emmett, Idaho to the bustling metropolis of Portland, Oregon to attend Portland Bible College. There he met Diane (DD) Iverson, daughter of the school’s founder and president, Dick Iverson. Six years and a bachelor’s degree in theology later, the two fell in love and were happily married.

Both on staff at the ever-growing Bible Temple, now City Bible Church, the two grew in influence and ministry experience, tag-teaming in a wide variety of positions and responsibilities. They served as children’s pastors, directors of Christian education, worship leaders, district pastors, elders, Bible college professors, international mission team leaders, youth camp directors, and more. Their exposure was rich and diverse.

After twenty years of urban life and mega-church leadership, the two were sent out of their home church to pioneer back in Mark’s homeland, Idaho. With their three kids, they embarked on a mission to plant a new work in Boise.

Harvest Church was born in January of 1996. After a series of miraculous building and facility provisions, Harvest Church bought her first building, an old Catholic chapel off Longmont and Howe in downtown Boise. Those early years forged great faith and excitement into the DNA of Harvest. Multiple times each weekend, that little brick chapel was packed with people from all walks of life finding hope in the saving power of Jesus Christ. The church doubled in size several years in a row.

Out-growing the limited space on that crowded Boise block, Harvest set out to find new pastures. In God’s great plan, and sense of humor, we found ourselves renting a peculiar facility in Garden City. What was meant to be a short-term transitional space turned into years of set-up and teardown for every class, every Sunday, every Wednesday, and every Saturday. The teamwork and continuous effort of an army of volunteers built yet another invaluable characteristic into this growing church family: willingness. Harvest became a church who was willing to tackle any problem, move any mountain.

Before long, the Garden City facility was no longer suitable for the ever-growing church family. Over time, God provided an astounding opportunity for Harvest to buy 831 W. Main Street in downtown Meridian. Though it was old and needed renovations, this building was brimming with possibility! Hundreds of volunteers, thousands of man-hours and millions of dollars later, the facility was transformed into a wonderful church building in the heart of Old Town Meridian, where the Gospel has continued to impact the surrounding neighborhoods and communities.

God has been with Harvest every step of the way. The journey has been exciting, unexpected and miraculous. Through every adventure, the Lord has proven to be faithful, just as He promised. After nearly two-decades, Harvest is a multi-ethnic, life-giving congregation that has brought hope to many and all glory goes to God!


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