Meet Our Team


Mark Bryan

Senior Pastor

Pastor Mark is one of the most relatable men you will ever meet. City guy, country boy, businessman, outdoorsman, you name it, he’s been it. He carries a burning passion for the accurate teaching of Scripture. One of the greatest listeners, his kindness paired with wisdom has enabled him to be a master mediator, teacher, counselor & friend to many.

  • Complicated 5%
  • Cowboy 45%
  • Articulate 98%

DD Bryan

Pastoral Department

Pastor DD’s heart beats for the whole church. As head of the pastoral ministry, she oversees the Connect Groups, Baptisms, Partnership & a host of other aspects of the pastoral arm of our church. She is quick to laugh, has a great sense of humor, & is ready to give a profoundly prophetic word of wisdom fit for the situation at hand.

  • Ornery 60%
  • Mother 99%
  • Conventional 22%

Anna Bryan

Pastoral Assistant

Anna is a talented, intelligent, and fun contribution to the team. Her love and devotion to the Lord and His people reaches just about every level of person in the human population. From kids in the grade school age, where she serves on Sundays, to international people groups all over the world!

  • Educated 99%
  • Serious 30%
  • Well-Rounded 95%

JoAnne Richter

Church Administrator

Church administration, office management, HR … and that only scratches the surface of what JoAnne does. From policies to people, she is heart-and-soul building the house of God. AND JoAnne is the longest standing employee and we would fall apart without her.

  • Servant’s Heart 100%
  • Monkey Business 25%
  • Loves Harvest Church 99%

Jonny Bryan

Youth Pastor & Harvest College Director

Vivacious. Musical. Enthusiastic. Articulate. Creative. Perfectionist. These are a few of the words that describe Jonny. He has a passion for communicating the Word of God, whether through teaching or preaching. Jonny has infectious joy!

  • Diversly Gifted 99%
  • Introverted 12%
  • OCD 47.2%

Kari Carrera

Worship Pastor

Kari is a lover of God’s presence. She is a talented pianist and worship leader. Kari works well with teams, empowering people, and coordinating events of all sorts! She enjoys being “wifey” and homemaker in her free time.

  • Big-Picture 90%
  • Detail-Oriented 7%
  • Spontaneous 100%

Debi Zedwick

Women’s Ministry

Pastor Debi is a woman of prayer & communicator of truth. She is a faith-filled mother to many, including leading the Preschool ministry. Whether in one-on-one discipling or in leading Bible studies, Debi is changing women’s lives for the better every day.

  • Dominates Board Games 79%
  • Unaccessorized 5%
  • Devoted 100%

Stephanie Saunders

Church Secretary

Stephanie’s giftings range from accounts receivable, to serving in Children’s ministry, to planning summer camps, and much more! She is diversely gifted and loves to operate with lists. Steph brings great joy & organization to the church office!

  • Creative Chef 83%
  • Complicated 17%
  • Spontaneous 95%

David Benenate

Facilities Manager

David is 24/7 committed to the House of God. His heart beats for the purposes of God, whether through pastoral care, teen ministry, volunteer community projects, passionate prayer, or practical service. David is a man of many hats and wears them all well.

  • Unrelatable 4%
  • Prankster 94.9%
  • Hard Working 100%

Kelsey Scranton

Graphic Design | Youth Ministry

From graphic designer to social media manager, Kelsey is the glue to beautifying and clarifying church communications. This passionate red head is the life of the party, a concert violinist and she likes to hang with teens more than adults.

  • Boring 5%
  • Girly 90%
  • Entrepreneurial 78%

Melissa White

Business Office Assistant

Melissa is a hard-working, smart young lady! Not only good with numbers but also interior decorating, landscaping, music, and so much more!

  • Pleasant 98%
  • Game-Winner 90%
  • Disorganized 2%

Jodi Miller

Hospitality | Harvest Transit

Jodi is a blessing to this house! She adds so much pizzazz to the Harvest Transit, church fellowship, and so much more. She is a loving wife and mom!

  • Creative 97%
  • Health-Nut 60%
  • Loving 100%

Laura Bryan

Business Office Assistant

As a full-time student at Boise Harvest College, she stays very busy being Pastor Jonny’s wife, serving in youth ministry, on the worship team, and children’s ministry too!

  • Valuable 99%
  • Adventurous 79%
  • Multi-Talented 89%

Katie Hesse

Boise Harvest College Administrator

Katie is a blessing to Harvest! She has been on the team for many years, in many different capacities! Between their two adorable kiddos, working, and serving in the church, the Hesses’ lives are full to the brim with fun!

  • “Ourdoorsy” 88%
  • Lazy 0%
  • Fun 82%

Brian Hesse

Lead Sound Technician

Brian leads our sound board team with excellence and joy. He brings elements of comradery, loyalty and a little bit of orneriness to the team. We appreciate his passion for Jesus and His people combined with his service in the House of the Lord.

  • Hard-Working 98%
  • Volleyball Guru 86%
  • Introverted 4%

Peter & Kari Carrera

Young Adult Ministry & Connection Ministry

Peter & Kari are a power couple, committed to building the church. From retreats, to altar ministry — they do it all!

  • Spontaneous 80%
  • Artistic 73%
  • In Love 100%

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